Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Newport Beach, CA

Ralph G. Kuechle, Ph.D. provides cognitive behavioral therapy in Newport Beach, CA.  Problems like anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues make it difficult to feel in full control of your life. Some people feel overwhelmed by unwanted emotional responses or intrusive thoughts. Others feel unmotivated or directionless, having lost their enthusiasm for life. Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle these problems alone. Turn to Ralph G. Kuechle, Ph.D. for cognitive behavioral therapy in Newport Beach, CA. 

At my practice, I recommend CBT for patients who wish to change their negative thought patterns and behaviors. It’s been proven to be an effective short-term therapy to improve many mental health issues. It has been proven to be very effective with anxiety and depression therapy. Find out whether this treatment option is right for you by contacting my office today. 

How CBT Works 

This variety of cognition therapy for anxiety and depression works by changing your outlook and behaviors. I begin by working with you to identify the distorted thoughts, beliefs, and feelings behind your unwanted behaviors. Together, we will challenge the underlying outlook, aiming to swap the negative thought patterns for a more realistic outlook. 

For example, someone with anxiety might be in the habit of assuming the worst-case scenario whenever something troubling occurs. This outlook leads to a downward spiral, resulting in the person taking actions like freezing up, acting out, or harming themselves. CBT aims to break down the thought process that leads to these behaviors by introducing undistorted thought patterns. 

Contact me to schedule an appointment and find out if you’re a good CBT candidate. My office is located in Newport Beach, California, and I serve patients from throughout the surrounding area.

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